Xbox Shell Engineering

In November 2015, I shipped the New Xbox One Experience to over 15 million consoles. In Spring 2016, I delivered features Xbox gamers craved.

I worked at Xbox as a Software Engineer doing System/App level work for about a year in 2015-2016.

Halo 5: Guardians

A new Spartan is tasked with hunting the Master Chief and solving a mystery that threatens the entire galaxy.

I worked on the game as an AI/Gameplay Programmer for 343 Industries during my Summer 2014 internship.

Halo Channel

An interactive digital network that provides unprecedented, personalized access to the Halo Universe.

I worked on the Halo Channel as a Software Engineering Intern with a focus on user-facing features for 343 Industries in Kirkland, WA over Summer 2014.

The Sims 4

I worked on the game as a Gameplay UI Programmer for Maxis during my Summer 2013 internship.

I also successfully pitched and implemented an in-game dinosaur toy with an entirely new set of interactions from other Sims titles.


A Game About Relationships

Players are engaged in experiencing how relationships differ, how they are similar, what behaviors, obstacles and challenges they face and how they overcome or fail to overcome them - to endure or collapse.

Little Red in the Hood

"Little Red Riding Hood meets The Departed"

A stealth game where you play as Little Red who is trying to appease her drug lord Grandma by being a narcotics trafficker.

Rightfully Accused

A noir sudoku-style game about how to be a hard-nosed detective who closes cases fast no matter the cost. Solving a murder is as simple as 1-2-3-4. Suspect, weapon, location & victim. Line them up and then book the poor saps.

Parent of the Year

A card game that pits players against each other as they each attempt to raise their ideal child.

Players select the ideals that matter to them, purchase a sperm/egg, buy their child things, tell stories about their child and the game ends with a pagent where players must judge each others kids.


A mod of the classic board game Monopoly that focuses on: sped up pace of gameplay, greater player engagement, better balance between chance & strategy, and increased realism regarding the housing market (through uncertain property values which leads to gambling).

Game Programming Projects

Three projects from a Game Programming course I took at CMU. The class mostly focused on Game AI.

Topics seen in projects include:
Basic Movement, Object Avoidance, Pathfinding (A*), Learning and Networking.

Paint Invasion

An asymmetric physical game that pits two teams against each other, the smugglers vs the police.

Subversive Cooperation

The idea is simple take any single player console game and make it a cooperative experience for multiple players.

Finger Launchpad

A multi-touch game that utilizes MacBooks' trackpads where you launch your fingertips at your enemy.

Concrete Jungle

An experimental art game made at the Global Game Jam 2014: Pittsburgh site by a group of CMU students.

When a deer leaves a forest, what does it see? Outside of its familiar world, a deer must explore its new surroundings with care. Anything could be dangerous.

Monsta Mash

A game about the player entering into the monster world and trying to blend in with them by mimicking the monsters' singing. Once satisfied a monster, will come over to the player's side and make the music one layer richer. The game ends in a wondrous dance party to the song created through gameplay.

One Crazy Night at CMU:

The Cruel Life of a TA

Live the struggles of a Teaching Assistant as you grade homework after homework.


An intense trippy rush against time to create the largest fire possible. Inspired by the song of the same title by So Spirited.

The Guide

Tilt, shake and coax the accelerometer into guiding a soul towards the light of salvation as the soul tries to deviate course as do humans'.

Prevent the soul from crossing the bold white lines that define morality and entering in to the red lines of sin.

Game Over

The player explores what happens in the game after the main character is out of "lives", basically starting at the point of Game Over.

The main mechanic is that the player uses a single button to make the dead character's soul move between living things on the map.


A 2D puzzle-platformer developed in Flixel planned to be released in December 2013. A philosophical game, it explores the concept of a hero whose only villain is his past. In order to undo the wrongdoings in the world, his only choice is to go backwards-- and give up all of his powers, one by one.


A maze/collection game made at the Global Game Jam 2013: Pittsburgh site by a group of CMU students.

Stuck in a post-apocalyptic city at night, players must find survivors by switching between using a flashlight and heart beat sensor, each of which yields different play strategies.


You are a computer's firewall. Anonymous has sent an army of misfit infected floppys lose on the interwebs in an attempt to put viruses on to your server!!! Can you survive?

Bleat Beater

Duncan had happily been a sheep herder all his life. Until one day the Evil Albino Black Sheep attacked him. Now Duncan his on a rampage across the countryside. He won't stop until he has punched every last sheep.

Pigeon Attack

You are a child on vacation in New York. You are innocently watching the city's hustle and bustle in a little park. When all of a sudden a homeless man runs up to you and throws birdseed on you! But before you have time to yell at him, pigeons descend upon you and you are forced to run for your life!

Trapped in My Mind

A mod of the classic game Block Breaker. You are surrounded by blocks. You can only destroy blocks of the same color as your ball, change the ball color by hitting it with a different side of the paddle. Protect your "health blocks" that are in the center of the screen. Lose them all and you fall back a level.

Time to Pretend (Unfinished)

Time to Pretend is intended to be a game about a boy who's fantasies overtake his life and he is swept into them. Time to Pretend is currently paused indefinitely due to my start at Carnegie Mellon University.

Embrace The Martian

You are a Martian from the Moon, and you are trying to make it through an asteroid storm that is plummeting towards Earth. Control your Martian spaceship and fire your plasma cannons to destroy the asteroids. If you don't make it through the storm, humanity may cease to exist!

The Empire State

You are one of America's most wanted criminals and you are in the greatest city in the world. The NYPD are hot on your tail. Traverse the city where dreams are made of and avoid the 5-O at all costs.

Good Badgers Gone Bad

You are the king cobra, one of the deadliest creatures in the world. But you are the hunted, you are prey. Attack is futile. There is only one option. Run, run for your life ..... well slither. As waves of honey badgers come at you from all directions, avoid them.

Fratmore: Initation

You are a college freshman and need to prove yourself. You have decided that the only way to prove it is to join a fraternity/sorority. Through this game you will pick a frat, read their creed and show you are the real deal. So, Fratmore and play irresponsibly.

C++ Poker Games

The Bates Casino is open for business. Play one of our "wide" variety of games, either Liars Dice or the Number Guessing Game.


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